about me

Pleasure to meet you!

My name is Jenn Culley. I am a nearly 20-year veteran to marriage, a daily wrangler of 4 rambunctious and gorgeous children and also happen to be in love with Photography!  My one time hobby has developed into a passion for capturing small, but significant flashes in strangers lives. I trap these moments with my trusty Canon, and more importantly, my inherited “printer’s eye”. Growing up, my father had a print shop on West Temple. As a child, I played among the thunderous printing presses.  Unwittingly I developed a love for paper and ink! I love color. I love design. I love that by shooting my camera, I in return get the privilege of seeing stunning faces smiling back at me.

Let me capture your memories in a flash and give you the opportunity to fall in love with your images on paper and ink, just as I did as a child at my Father's shop.  Looking forward to meeting you.



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