Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miss Olivia. Baptism Shoot.

This beautiful girl is mine.  My sweet, charming, lovely, girly girl. She fancies fancy things, sparkly things, pretty things, purple things. She has a heart of gold. 

A shoot at the Temple with a purple balloon was the perfect fit for her.

She absolutely can't wait to be baptized later this month. She makes me smile, all day, every day.  We love Olivia!


  1. She looks just like you!!!!! I love how simple the purple balloon is.....How precious for her!

  2. She is SO cute. LOVE the balloon idea, you're so creative!

  3. Beautiful Jen! I'm SO excited for you and your new endeavor!
    I'm interested in booking 2 shoots for July! The Cooper family and our little family. It may actually be the beginning of August. I will be in UT for a whole month! M will come into town for a week. My mom wants family photos and I'd like you to do our family while we are there. Let me know your pricing so I can tell my mom! Yahooo!

  4. These turned out just lovely. Pretty Olivia with her purple balloon. Who could ask for more?

  5. Jenn - what incredible photos. As usual you outdid yourself. Olivia is darling and these will be great to look at in years to come. I wish I had a photo of my on my baptism day - but alas, none.