Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{H} Boys.

From the second these little boys hopped out of their car they had my heart.
Which is kind of fitting since their last name is Hart.
Their little outfits were so J. Crew and they had magazine-worthy hair.
They could not have been any cuter. 
Here is one brave, brave Mama holding a Praying Mantis to keep her little boy's attention.  I was beyond impressed.  I don't do so well in the bug arena.  In fact, I was kind of having heart palpitations watching that mantis crawl up and down her arm!  But Amy just replied, "I'm the mom of 4 boys.  That's how I roll!"  Love it.
Those adorable Hart boys are sure going to break some hearts some day!
Get it?  Hart/heart. 
I know...CHEESY, but true!


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