Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beautiful girls.

Well, I'm pretty convinced that these are three of the cutest sisters on the planet.  I dare you to argue, it's not possible!  Yep, as cute as they come these girlies are.  And, I quite adore their parents too.  Remember last year when I did this session with them? 

Adorable then.  Adorable now.

Becky asked me to take these pictures of the girls as a surprise for their Grandma Heiner (another lovely lady I adore)!  Grandma gave each of these girls their American Girl doll...awesome.  Love it.  Grandma H. also made the girls the darling skirts they are wearing!  Isn't that the cutest?  So special!  I just loved everything about this session.  The concept, the lighting, the beautiful subjects...everything!  Makes my heart happy.


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