Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sweet (literally) Sixteen.

*Warning. Bragging Ahead!

This gorgeous girl is my niece. Well, technically she's my husband's cousin's daughter (haha, did you follow that?), but she might as well be my niece. Chris and Brandon are more like brothers than cousins anyway. Plus she calls me Auntie Jenn. That makes it official. ;)

Hannah is a ray of sunshine. She's one of the good ones, folks.  I've had the privilege of watching her grow her whole life and it's so hard to believe she is sixteen already!! Truly, where does the time go? Hannah is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out and I'm so thankful for the example she is to my kids, especially my girls. They look up to her so much and she is the type of role model, as a mother, I am thankful for.  She is truly a gem.

Love you, Miss Hannah! Hope you had the happiest of birthdays.

Auntie Jenn




  1. OH my gosh her eyelashes are to die for. And these are beautiful!