Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jeppson Kids

Sometimes the weather really gives its best effort to cancel a session. Sneaky, sneaky weather. But the weather wasn't going to have its way with us this night, especially since these fabulous kids were visiting from Washington and we had no wiggle room to reschedule. Thankfully we were able to wait out the storm and eventually the rain gave us a bit of a break so we could go to work.

I have so loved being able to photograph these darling kids through the years! It's so fun to watch them grow. Not to mention I adore their Mom and I am grateful to have her as a friend. I sure do miss her since she moved and I'm so glad I got to visit with her while they were here in Utah last month. They are such a fantastic family.

Be sure to scroll down toward the middle/bottom of the post to see some hilarious pictures of the kids being silly. I love when we keep it light and fun at a session. Laughs, dancing and funny faces are always allowed.