Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Ballerinas.

I was called last minute to fill in for my friend Shanna, and {fabulous} fellow photographer, yesterday to take dance pictures for some beautiful little ballerinas. 

How sweet are these little girls?

While trying to get 3 of the girls to look at me {and smile} all at the same time, I tried encouraging a little role play and asked, "who is your favorite princess?"

The first response? ME! Answered with excitement and confidence from one darling little girl. And yes, she was indeed a princess. They all were!

Do you live in or near Saratoga Springs? Are you looking for an amazing ballet class for your daughter? My beautiful and sweet neighbor is a local ballet teacher who is sure to impress.  Check out the fabulous Kerri Deshler here. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Those Ballet pictures turned out priceless!
    You are one amazing photographer Miss Jenn. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures you have taken of my family. We really appreciate your work! I am mucho impressed with your amazing talent! Keep it up my friend! Keep it up:)

  2. These are beautiful! Love the background. Love the tutus...
    Beautiful work.