Thursday, May 12, 2011

sweet baby Jack.

This handsome, perfect little boy is my dear cousin's new baby.

He had an early entrance in to the world and was born last week, 9 weeks early, at a mere 3 lbs. He is so small it's hard to comprehend...and just as cute as they come. Not to mention strong. It made my whole day to sit for a few minutes this afternoon and hold this tiny little boy.

Welcome to the world, Baby Jack! We're so glad you are here.

*Since posting these pictures, super Jack is drinking a bottle on his own and has been moved out of his Isolette in to a crib. He is one strong, special little boy!


  1. These pictures just a bring to my eye... can't help it.

  2. He is so beautiful! I can't wait until Danielle gets to bring that miracle home.