Thursday, December 29, 2011

{B} Family

I pretty much have the best friends on the planet. I'm not bragging, it's the truth! I am so very blessed to be surrounded by amazing women who accept me for who I am, make me laugh until my cheeks hurt, keep me grounded, remind me of the truly important things in life, inspire me to be a better person, keep things real and make my life a whole lot brighter!!

Kacee is one of my dear, dear friends. I just adore this girl! As good as they come, thoughtful and kind, fun, happy and the host-est with the most-est. She's fabulous!

And, her cute family is just fabulous too. Had a great time spending the morning with them on what was supposed to be a very dreary day. The sun had other plans and came out just for them, which I thought was rather fitting. Thank you so much for having me, Bartholomews. You rock!


  1. Kacee is looking smoking hot! Way cute pictures with such a cute family :)