Tuesday, December 6, 2011

T + A Family.

Oh, the weather outside was frightful...but this new location (and family!) was so delightful.  I'm a cheese ball, I know.   But it really was so cold and frigid outdoors!  We retreated inside to this beautiful garden nursery. 

This family is yet another fantastic group of people that I can claim as my own!  Meet my beautiful cousin, Danielle, her hubby Bryce and 2 adorable boys and my gorgeous Aunt Nancy and Uncle Randy.  I just adore these wonderful people. 

Some of my happiest childhood memories are with the Allens:  Sleepovers at their house (always with pizza, yummy Winder Dairy milk, hilarious jokes from Uncle Randy, playtime in Danielle's super cool captain's closet, trips to Golden Spoon for frozen yogurt and bubble baths in the huge jetted tub), many family parties, swimming, and the best of all...countless trips to magnificent Lake Powell.  Danielle and I grew up boating together and speaking from experience, that's the best way to grow up.  I've got a grin from ear to ear just thinking about it.  So thankful to have them in my life.  Then...and now.

   Thank you for having me, Thomsen and Allen families!  It was a treat, as always, to see you.


  1. That Cole has such a fun personality! Way to capture them all. I loved the little introduction at the start. Really some of the best childhood memories involve those Allens! And love the U of U costume change at the end :)