Monday, April 16, 2012

Jaycee, class of 2012

Smart, kind, fun, hard-working, motivated, driven, beautiful...all words to describe my cute cousin, and graduating Senior, Jaycee! What a treat it was to do this session with her. Especially considering the rain, wind, SNOW and overall dreary weather that just hours earlier covered the valley and nearly required us to reschedule the shoot. Lucky for us, the clouds cleared and the sun came out (thanks, Grandma!) just in time for us to make her session happen.  It was perfect.  A lovely day for one lovely girl.

Best wishes to you, Jaycee! I know you will love college and do great things in life!  xoxo.


  1. What a beautiful girl! And, beautiful work, as usual.
    Her eyes, are simply amazing!

    Love all of these images. Love these gorgeous graduating seniors. :)

  2. Beautiful! That crazy weather! Love the close up shot...

  3. Seriously... her eyes are so beautiful. I love these pictures. Lots of personality.