Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miss Kelti.

Yet another one of my favorite Seniors from the graduating class of 2012!  This delightful young lady is a neighbor, friend, my photography assistant (when I'm lucky enough to have her) and an old babysitter for my kids.  My girls just adored her.  She was so sweet with them (as in buying Christmas gifts for them with her own money.  Yep, that amazing!) and she always brought a bag full of games, activities, books and a movie to keep the kids entertained while she watched them.  The girls always looked forward to her coming and wondered in anticipation what would be in Kelti's bag!  So much fun.

Now, my oldest is my babysitter and Kelti is graduating!  Say what?  I'm not quite sure how that is possible.  And to be honest, it hurts my heart a little bit.  It's hard to imagine my kids growing up and loved ones moving on with their lives.  Not to mention, the entire situation just makes me feel old.  Boo.  Time goes by far too quickly.

Kelti is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and I wish her all the luck and happiness I know her future will bring.  Congratulations, Kelti!  You are amazing and we just love you!  xoxo.


  1. Thank you Jenn for such kind words and thank you for being such an amazing friend and example for Kelti. She truly loves you and your family.
    Love, Jo

  2. Great session Jen! Such a cute girl! You rock!