Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Montana Bound

As a wife/mom/photographer/chauffeur/cook/housekeeper/referee/etc., I wear many hats. As so many of you do too! Managing my business is lots of work and sometimes things go by the way side,  such as blog posts! They are just not always the number one priority on my "To Do" list. However, I am trying to work on this and be more consistent with my posting. This summer has helped, especially with a little more free time on my hands. Thankfully, I've been giving my blog here some much needed attention and TLC. Even though it's not #TBT, I'm posting a throwback that never hit the blog.  Is that breaking the rules?  Are there rules?  I'm not sure, but since it is in fact Wednesday, I'm going to introduce my very first #WCW.  That ought to be okay.

What is a #WCW you might ask? Well, according to my teenage daughter a #WCW stands for "Woman Crush Wednesday". I'm not sure if I should feel cool or really embarrassed for knowing that information. Regardless, I totally have a girl crush on this here pretty lady.  My sister!

Last year Cass and Jonathan moved out of state for Law School (that brother in law of mine is a smarty pants).  Before they left Utah, we were able to do this fun, love-filled session.  We chose Murray Park as our location, a place that was close to their home and a perfect fit with their personalities.  Jonathan and Cassie are the cutest, sweetest couple.  I'm so glad they found one another!  As the big sister, I couldn't have asked for a better man for my beautiful sister.  They will be celebrating four years of marriage this fall and are expecting their first baby.  Woo-hoo!  I am so excited.  They will be the best little parents and I could not be happier for them.

I love you both so much, Cass and Jonathan, and I miss you like crazy!  Can't wait to see you again.         


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